Welcome to Grandma's Washoku cooking class!
Would you like to try making Japanese traditional dishes
with healthy fermented seasonings?
(soy sauce, miso, vinegar etc.)
from Aichi Prefecture

You can also add a matcha experience
to the below experiences
Enjoy a matcha tea-making experience
and seasonal Japanese sweets.

      1."Ichiju sansai"with chicken

 Grilled Chicken marinated with red miso
 ・Spinach seasoned with sesame sauce
 ・Japanese rolled Omelet
 ・Grandma's substantial soup

 ・Rice balls with Umeboshi
   and Salmon flakes
 ・Basic dashi stock

 ¥6,600(tax included)/2.5hours

      2."Ichiju sansai" with salmon
 Grilled Salmon with salted rice malt
 ・Mashed Tofu salad
 ・Japanese rolled Omelet
 ・Grandma's Pork and vegetable miso soup

 ・Rice balls with Umeboshi
   and Salmon flakes
 ・Basic dashi stock

 ¥6,600(tax included)/2.5hours

3.Nagoya Cuisine Class

 Rice balls with deep-fried shrimp
 ・Kishimen noodles (kishimen)
 ・Fried chicken wings (Tebasaki)

 ・Thick rolled egg omelet (Atsuyaki-tamago)
 ・Spinach with sesame seeds

 ・Basic dashi stock

 ¥6,600(tax included)/2.5hours

       4.Three types of Sushi Class

 Art Sushi Roll (Rose)
 ・Chakin Sushi
  (Sushi Wrapped in Thin Omelette)
 ・Pressed Sushi

 ¥6,600(tax included)/2.5hours

   5.Bento boxes for the four seasons Class

  ・Spring:Cherry blossoms,
    From March to May

 ・Summer:Tanabata, star festival
    From June to August

Autumn:Autumn leaves,
    From September to November
    From December to February
  ・Miso-soup of the season
  ・Basic dashi stock

  ¥6,600(tax included)/2.5hours

  ・After tasting dishes, you will make your own matcha and enjoy it with seasonal Japanese sweets. 
・The lesson fee will increase by 1,000 yen and the duration will be extended by 30 minutes.
    1.Deep-fried Shrimp Rice ball Bento Class
Online Lesson
 ・Rice balls with deep-fried shrimp (tenmusu3)
 ・Japanese Omelet
 ・Flower Shaped Sausages
¥2,500(tax included)/1hour

I am Grandma Junko, born and raised in Nagoya.

I like cooking and teaching how to cook, especially Japanese food.

I have a cooking license.
I am a Confectionery Hygiene Master and a vegetable sommelier.

I have learned many recipes from my mother and my mother-in-law
and studied at cooking schools.

I opened a natural food shop about 50 years ago
and started a healthy cake and a natural yeast bread cooking class in 2002.

I had a pleasant time cooking together
with my son's host-mother from America.
This experience made me want foreigners to know
that the Japanese food, " Washoku" is tasty and healthy.

I welcome everyone.

Using the Subway (Sakura-dori Line) from Nagoya Station is convenient.

Nagoya Station → Sakura-dori Line (bound for Tokushige) .
Get off at Sakurayama Station (S11),
about 2minutes west from Exit 7

Address:1F SJ Sakurayamabiru, 6-69-4 Hiromi-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya-City, Aichi
Manpyo Ltd.

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when cancelling from 4 days before the class.