Japanese home style cooking school in English

        ~Grandma's Nagoya Cuisine & Japanese Cuisine~

    Why don't you try making Nagoya's traditional dishes with healthy fermented seasonings
(soy sauce, miso, vinegar etc.) from Aichi prefecture.
You can also make Japanese-style confectionery (Uiro) for dessert
and matcha to go with the dessert.

1.Nagoya Cuisine Class

Three Deep-fried Shrimp Rice Balls

Kishimen Noodles(kishimen)

Sauteed Miso Marinated Chicken

Thick Omelet (Atsuyaki-tamago)

・Basic Dashi stock(Dashi )

・Matcha & Uiro (matcha&uiro)

¥7,500(tax included)/2.5hours

Jun.25, 2019  10:30~13:00
Jul.23 & 26, 2019 10:30~13:00

2.Seasonal Japanese Cuisine Class

Rolled Beef with Okra

・Saikyo-yaki of Salmon

Rolled Omelet

・Rice Balls with Tsukudani of Shirasu)

・Miso-soup of the season

・Basic Dashi stock

¥8,500(tax included)/2.5hours

Jun.28,2019 10:30~13:00
Jul.2&5,2019 10:30~13:00

I am Grandma Junko, born and raised in Nagoya. I like cooking and teaching how to cook, especially Japanese food.
I have a cooking license. I am a Confectionery Hygiene Master and a vegetable sommelier.
I have learned many recipes from my mother and my mother-in-law and studied at cooking schools.
I opened a natural food shop about twenty years ago and started a healthy cake and a natural yeast bread cooking class in 2002.
I had a pleasant time cooking together with my son's host-mother from America.
This experience made me want foreigners to know that the Japanese food, " Washoku" is tasty and healthy.
I welcome everyone.

Using the Subway (Sakura-dori Line) from Nagoya Station is convenient.
Nagoya Station → Sakura-dori Line (bound for Tokushige) .
Get off at Sakurayama Station (S11), about 2minutes west from Exit 7 .

Address:1F SJ Sakurayamabiru, 6-69-4 Hiromi-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya-City, Aichi
Manpyo Ltd.


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